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Griswold & Company uses the power of data science, technology, and 100 years of business expertise to tackle clients greatest issues – no matter what they may be. Throughout our entire history, we’ve conducted business with purpose; helping our clients achieve their goals while creating positive and lasting impact on the people and communities we serve.

About Us

Griswold & Company has been innovating for decades. Founded in 1915 in Herkimer, New York we’ve been a versatile company for over a century. Today, we’re as versatile as ever; developing software and apps, designing websites, and conducting advanced statistical analysis for clients around the globe.

We choose to be the best of both worlds – a modern innovative company with a deep and rich past.

Our Story

Client expertise spanning 100 years

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George W. Griswold
George W. Griswold Founder
Founder and Managing Partner, 1915 - 1928
Herman R. Smith
Herman R. Smith Managing Partner
Managing Partner; 1932 - 1940
Wallace L. Smith
Wallace L. Smith Managing Partner
Managing Partner; 1948 - 1963
Curtis Griswold Smith
Curtis Griswold Smith Managing Partner
Managing Partner; 1974 - Present

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